Hometown: Doncaster, South Yorkshire

Mum and Dad: Irene and Trevor

Siblings: Nathan

University: University of Manchester - English and History

Fave Holiday Destination: Anywhere but here


1. What's the biggest dog you have ever seen in your life? Katie Price.

2. If you had to fight an animal, which would you choose? An Eagle. They're smug and fancy themselves a bit too much.

3. How much is a pint of milk? I bought Milk this morning and my receipt says 86p - not sure it was a pint though, it was red top though so healthy - go me!

4. What is your karaoke song of choice? Probs the full length version of Don Mclean's American Pie - extend the agony for my audience as long as possible.

5. If you had to choose your last meal, what would it be? Roast Chicken, gravy and bread sauce, roast potatoes, sweetcorn, roast parsnips. THE WORKS!

6. Would you eat human flesh if your life depended on it? Is it Zac Efron??

7. Which film have you seen more than any other? It would be a close call between Jurassic Park and Scream. Someone should make a movie where both these worlds collide.

8. What would be your specialist subject on Mastermind? Jurassic Park or Scream.

9. What is the worst smell in the world? That sewage works near my Grandmas' house in Doncaster.

10. The Lord Of The Rings or Star Wars? Rings. Natch.